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One of the top factors in ranking well on the search engines is the number of incoming links you have directing people to your website. This is because Google is very concerned about being as accurate as possible when displaying search results. Though Google has gotten very good at determining what sites are about, it still relies heavily on humans. If someone searches on Google for the keyword "dog", there are millions of results. So, Google compares the number of incoming links going to each of the potential dog websites, and it usually determines that the one with the most links typically is the most popular and best choice. So, we have setup this very simple, yet helpful free service to get you started getting those all important links. Just fill out some info about your website below, and our marketing team will do the rest.

Note: Due to the competitive nature of our industry we are unable to fulfill requests for competing businesses or organizations. The free linking campaign is a small sampling of our basic SEO services.

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How will a linking campaign effect my search engine rankings?

All businesses want to increase their rankings on Google and other search engines. But let's be honest, your primarily interest is in high Google rankings, right?  Google places a high value on inbound links to your site. As a result, a linking campaign is a very important aspect to any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) project. Getting good inbound links is considered extremely valuable by SEO specialists focusing on Google results. As a site accumulates inbound links, Google begins to view that site as an authority in its industry and will begin to award high rankings for even the most competitive keywords. We are offering a basic version of this service for free, simply because it's so important. If you're looking for a more fully featured linking campaign, we also offer those services as part of our SEO packages.

Many site owners feel that they can simply buy links or placement on sites and that it will boost their search engine rankings quickly and easily. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as that. When getting links, quality is a big factor in how much benefit they will be to your site's rankings. In fact, some links can even be harmful. We only build links for our clients from reputable linking sources that have been identified as SEO friendly.

As mentioned earlier, Google views incoming links as a sign that your site has value.  A quality inbound link to your site from another is much like a vote for someone in a political office or a "like" on Facebook.  When you have enough votes or likes, people pay attention. As for Google, a large number of quality links signals that your site is worth paying attention to. This increased attention from Google translates into higher search engine rankings.

Get started today with your free basic link building campaign by tellings us a few things about your business on the form found on this page.