Many people want to learn how to make a free website using our Titanium CMS system. The first step is to sign up an SEO package that will make you eligible for our free design program. This guide will walk you through the rest.


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Many individuals want to know how to make a free website, and not only that, but how to create it without the expensive services of a site designer. With Titanium CMS, you can begin creating impressive websites that your competitors will shy away from and set you apart from other businesses on the web. At Rocket Web Design, we offer three distinct website design packages that will make you eligible to begin using our Titanium CMS design system, software unlike any other on the market.

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Savvy business owners are aware that creating business online is an advantageous way to generate revenue, but places them in an extremely competitive market. With the aid of a comprehensive editing system like Titanium CMS, you can create websites that will attract visitors and update easily as your business progress.

If you are wondering how to make a free website, begin the process by familiarizing yourself with Titanium CMS' content module. Content is one aspect of your website that you will be constantly updating. Log in as an administrator, and click on update page. Select one of the modules presented on the screen and begin typing to add text flawlessly to your website. With this module, you can alter fonts, right or left justify, view the HTML behind the text, add media, and much more.

Adding an email form to your website will convince your customers that your business is prone to quality customer service and give you a simple way to stay in touch with potential customers. To begin adding a form, click on edit page, add module, and select the email form module. A manage email form menu will appear, allowing you to create multiple forms all over your site. By editing each field, you will be able to customize the form to include what information is needed.

Images are responsible for helping a website appear user friendly, by breaking up text and adding an element of attractiveness. With the Titanium Image Module and Image Gallery Module, knowing how to create a free site with these tools will instantly transform the appearance of the website. Click edit page once again, and select the image option. Select an image from one of your folders or upload a new image from another location on your computer. From here, the image can be cropped, rotated, or zoomed in or out on, and then placed on the location where you desire the image by simply holding, dragging, and dropping the image to the correct area.


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