Need easy website editing for your small business? Our Titanium CMS content management system makes it simple with a drag and drop editor.

With Titanium CMS, small businesses will thrive

Small businesses struggling to make their presence known on the Internet should consider the revolutionary approach that Titanium CMS gives its users. Easy website editing for small businesses should not require the expensive expertise of a website designer and should be left in the hands of the business owner. With Titanium CMS, small business owners will be able to easily edit the content on their website without letting it become archaic and compete with other businesses already established on the web.

Effortlessly drag and drop content on your website

One reason Titanium CMS has become the leading provider of content management systems on the market is because of the power it lets users have when it comes to editing their website. This is mainly due to its drag and drop capabilities that make coding and other complex knowledge of website design unnecessary. Easy website editing for small businesses allows text, images, and other content to be edited and placed throughout the website by using one of several modules designed with small business owners in mind.

With every module, text can be inserted or deleted, images uploaded and edited, and email forms created. Each module was designed with a specific purpose in mind, and will allow you the creativity and customization abilities you searched for in other content management systems. Not every business owner has expansive knowledge of web design and has the time to learn about ways to edit their website. Titanium CMS is the solution to this predicament, and lets users with limited time enhance the features on their website with this management system's drag and drop capabilities.

Optimize the website for effectiveness with search engine marketing tools

Another feature of Titanium CMS extremely beneficial to small business owners is the search engine marketing tools that are built into the system. Easy website editing for small businesses combined with these features will make your website significantly more effective in terms of website traffic. The search engine marketing module includes features like XML sitemaps, a keyword research tool, competitive analysis functions, and a page suggestion tool. The pages you create within your website will become more apt to appear in search engine rankings, making your small business more prominent on the web. Your website will reach greater audiences all across the web, increase traffic, and attract more revenue if you use the combined forces of the drag and drop editing tools and the search engine marketing capabilities available through Titanium CMS.


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